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A Domain Name refers to your identity on the web. Register a domain name is the first step you need to do to be web presence. It is very important for you to register your name on the web before others do.
For a corporation, a domain name is very important for creating credibility and corporate brand building, therefore choosing the right and correct domain name is very crucial for a corporation. You can register your domain name with or without any web or email hosting.
eAsia2u offers the below two types of Domain extensions:
A) INTERNIC Domain (.com/.net/.org/.us/.info/ .biz/.name)
B) MYNIC Domain (com.my/.net.my /.org.my/.edu.my/.gov.my)
  Domain  Fee per year
  For .com/.net/.org/.us/.info/ .biz/.name  RM60.00
  For com.my/.net.my /.org.my/.edu.my/  RM110.00
- Only letters, numbers, or dashes ("-") can be used.
- Must not be more than 67 characters.
- Must not begin or end with a dash.
Domain registrations require a minimum of 1 year. We only perform domain registrations upon receipt of your full payment
Besides domain registration, we also offer the following services:
Changing DNS Records
  You may park your domain name with eAsia2u and host it elsewhere. All you need to do is to get the DNS records from your hosting provider. It consists of primary DNS name, primary IP address, secondary DNS name and secondary IP address.
Domain Name Redirection
  You can redirect your domain name to any existing web site.
DNS Hosting
  You can use our DNS to change a record or MX record to point your domain name to your own server.
Multiple Domain Hosting Service
  You can redirect your domain name to any existing web site on the Internet. In addition, both domains have the same content. For example, http://abc.com/whatever has the same content as http://xyz.com/whatever. But the original domain name remains on the address bar.
Please contact us for domain registration services and other services.
*eAsia2u provides value added services for SME and SMI to assist them to get involved in e-enablement environment. We provide domain registration for our customer through email and phone support, just contact us and we will help to register your domain within short period.
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