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- Create one-to-one communication with your market
- Boosting your business with SMS Marketing
With SMS users increasing each year, more and more businesses are finding ways to diversify their advertising & marketing plan through the SMS medium. As businesses realize the importance and effectiveness of SMS marketing, eAsia2u provide a total solution to meet your marketing needs.
Subscribe with eAsia2u SMS Marketing Services to send your customized marketing message to your own customer base. By integrating with eAsia2u SMS marketing services, you can broadcast messages to your customer and automatically reply to incoming text messages. You may ensure that you are able to send messages with personalized fields, saving you time and money.
eAsia2u allow you to send SMS to eAsia2u customer base in deliver your marketing message effectively. All you need to do is select the recipient, type the message, and it will be sent immediately!
SMS marketing is a powerful promotional tool, as it is instant, and the user doesn't have to be sitting at a PC to read your message! The interaction between the SMS Marketing service and the user can be in one-way or 2-way communications, depending on the needs of the service.
The benefits of using SMS Marketing Services are:
  •  Build relationships with your customers through low-cost direct marketing
  •  Send to groups of target market at a fraction of the cost of paper-based direct marketing
  •  Send and receive personalised e-mail and SMS messages instantly
  •  Track responses and build targeted campaigns.
With eAsia2u SMS Marketing services, you may channel multiple activities more effectively such as:
  •  Special offers
  •  Latest News updates
  •  Event notices
  •  Customer service
  •  Product or service Alerts
  •  A special offer
  •  Voting
  •  Information bulletins
  •  Current events
Contact us for more details if you wish to sign up with eAsia2u SMS Marketing Services today!
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