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Retail Price : MYR 80.00

An Amazing Ear Cleaning Technique

This is the breakthrough for you and your children if experiencing hearing loss, fungal infection, sinus pain, headaches, ear aches, glue ear, excessive wax build up and toxic residue from medication and more. This procedure is completely painless and safe and is an alternative to rinsing the ears and sometimes the need to insert grommets. 

The Ceruminious gland of the ear is constantly secreting wax and Candida grows prolifically in the ear because it is dark and moist. This impacted junk and residue of past infections will remain in your ears until it is drawn out. This ancient remedy has been used by the Egyptians, Chinese and Hopi Indians, and is still widely used in Europe. The narrow end of the candle is held gently into the ear canal the other end is lit. The flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear, which draws out poisons, old wax and residue dues of past infections. 


How Ear candling Works? 

The gentle burning flame produces a transfer of warmth through the shaft of the candle. This warms the ear canal (the infection of candle extends the ear canal length), activating the life principle within the local tissue and energy centre. 


What do you feel when the candle is lit? 

A relaxing ocean-like sound is heard by this recipient along with the soft cracking sound of the flame. For those blessed to have lived near tropical rainforest the candles transmit a sound like that of a monsoonal downpour swathing the forest canopy. 


Reputed benefits of ear candling 

Softening of cerumen(ear wax), relief of ear and sinus irritations, improved hearing, smell and taste, relief catarrh regulation of ear pressure, stimulation of local blood and lymph circulation, improved mental clarity, relaxation and feeling of cleanliness. 

45 mins = RM80.00 

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