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Advance Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
Intensive investments in special built-in heated cabin reach trucks and container- and counter balance fork lift trucks, to provide durable and comfor...
Blast Freezing Services
Blast freezing stations, with an individual product capacity of 20,000 Kg. for rapid freezing process and extended product preservation (shelf life)
Computerized Stock Tracking & Control Management
In-house developed Warehouse Management System (WMS) for advancements in location control, FIFO tracking and stock replenishment
Customized Distribution
Dedicated trucks and trained drivers for a friendly, professional and reliable distribution service Consolidated trucks for greater efficiency and low...
Customized FIFO/LIFO Order Picking
System controlled picking based on customer's requirements Consolidate orders to meet customer's demanding delivery and cost effectiveDedicated order ...
Customized Product Handling
Customized Pallet Configuration to maximize the pallet usage Handling of product samples for QC requirements
Multiple Temperature Controlled Storage
Temperatures range from +20° C to -30° C Aircon, chilled and frozen storage
Product Tempering Service
Flexibility of temperature controlled to requirement within specific hours
Reefer Container Handling
Stuffing & Un-stuffing of reefer containers
Regional Reefer Distribution
Nation wide distribution in our high specification and clean fleet of reefer vehicles Capable of operating up to to a maximum permissible weight to di...
Shrink Wrapping Services
All products will be film shrink wrapped for pallet stability and protection against damage and/or loss
Value Added Processing
Supplying of manpower for re-packing and labeling activities for special promotional schemes as well as premium packing for premium customers
 Showing 1 - 12 of 12
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