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a - therapy - Hair Conditioner - T- 2 (300ml)
Hair Conditioner Full strength conditioning, light formula. Enriched with quartenized honey to nourish the roots and moisturizes the entire hair stran...
a - therapy - Hair Tonic - AT- 5 (150ml)
Hair Tonic feed your scalp with A Therapy Hair Tonic. Contains protein to strengthen hair by acting at the root and along the fiber Pro Vitamin B5 is ...
a - therapy - Shampoo - AT-1A Shampoo for care (300ml)
Scalp care for normal hair (AT-1A) this daily-use hair-and-scalp therapy contains the clarifying essential oil of Cypress to stimulate blood circulati...
a - therapy - Shampoo - AT-1B - Shampoo for greasy care (300
Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair (AT-1B) this 'shine therapy shampoo' is intended to help dry and damaged hair problem. Contains evening pri...
a- therapy Shampoo - AT-1C (Shampoo for dry & damaged hair)
a- therapy - Shampoo - AT-1C - Shampoo for dry & damaged hair (300ml)  Shampoo for Greasy Hair (AT-1C) Thrill your senses with this refreshin...
Apple Extracts Facial Cleanser (180ml)
Without drying effect Mild cleansing agents cleanse without causing irritation. Apple extracts (rich in vitamin B) help reduce infections. Vitamin E r...
ART'S' JAP-1 (100ml)

ART'S' JAP-1 (100ml) - Floriental. Fruity. Musky  
Top note Plum. Geranium Middle note Orange Blossom. Jasmine. Ros...
Asante Competition Soap - AS-3 (100gm)
Cleanses and protects Active soap with Bio-Sculpture that controls bacterial growth. Helps act against rashes, itches, white spots and body odour. Ide...
Asante Cracked Skin Cream - AS-1 (50ml)
Revive cracked skin Apply just twice a day - in the morning, before dressing and at night, after a bath, to revive cracked heels, knees and elbows. Co...
Asante Cracked Skin Cream - AS-2 (75ml)

Invisible glove for your hands Protect your hands against harsh chemicals and detergents. It's so powerful even paint and adhesives cannot sti...
Balsem Dewi Tunjong DT-3 (20gm
To relieve muscles and joint pain due to sprain and cramps. For external use only. Quality guaranteed.
Cleansing Emulsion (140gm)
Sumptuously light and velvety smooth cleansing emulsion that instantly cleanses make-up and impurities. Contains mild acid for that perfect cleansing....
Cleansing Gel (75gm)
This water-activated gel clears out impurities deep down in the skin. With vitamin C and mulberry root extract, it enhances clarity and transparency o...
deMi Blusher DM-6 (5gm)

Soft, sheer colors, easy application and blending, crease resistant, with light diffusing pigments.
deMi Eye Brow Pencil
deMi's creamy Eyebrow Pencil defines shapes and enhances your eyebrows. With slender tip for precise application.
deMi Eye Liner Pencil
Lash curling formula with curved brush for added effect. Smudge-proof and non-clogging. deMi takes lashes to beautiful new lengths.
deMi Face Powder
deMI Loose Powder a velvet-soft loose powder. This refined loose powder set creates and retains that soft, fresh look throughout the day. Apply a...
deMi Foundation - (30ml)
deMi's latest technology for a perfect \'canvas\' for make-up. Oil-free, easy-to-blend foundation in natural colors using light-diffusing ...
deMi Lipliner
Creamy pencils to define the lips. Prevents lipstick from 'feathering and bleeding'. Color coordinated with the lipsticks.
deMi Lipstick (4gm)
Satin finish, rich, creamy lipstick. Moisturizing and long-lasting. With Vitamin E and sunscreen.
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