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AKU Fiber Plus Drink
AKU Fiber Plus Drink combines a smooth, unique blend of soluble fibers, other key nutrients and great taste to create a product like no other. Fiber i...
Foot care sheet
Natural Tree Extracts. No Side EffectsProcessed wood vinegar and natural resource extracts are made Into sachets using advanced technology. The sole o...
Long John Massage (Sexual Equipment for Men)
For men sexual massage. To enlargement, to improve blood Circulation. Usage daily can improve sexual activity. Recommended for andropause or healthy s...
Magnetic Energy Pillow
Special designed according to physics theory in order to sustain The neck and head during sleeping, as well as to improve the sleep Quality. It is one...
Oligo Spirulina
Oligo Spirulina Drinks other key nutrients and great taste to create product like no other. Available in Lemon & strawberry flavour.Each packet ha...
Pure Bio Pad - Night Used (For Ladies)

Sanitary Pad specially formulated with natural herbs. Patented Functional Sanitary Pad with natural herbs, Hygiene protect, comfort and funct...
Pure Propolis
Propolis is a water soluble concentrated 100% natural vegetarian product: 
•It has no alcohol content
•Propolis is all-natural ...
PuriTek Water Filter
PuriTek Bio-Active Energy Water Filter: 

•To removes toxic from your body.  

•To enhance your metabolism and b...
Spirulina 200 Tablets & 500 Tablets
AKU Spirulina containing a 100 minerals and vitamins for supplement your body. It helps to prevent many kind of disease such as cancer, asthma, stroke...
 Showing 1 - 9 of 9
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