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Jeameibor Slimming Capsule
No animal testing, all ingredients are 100% made from herbs. To burn the fat and you will feel the different of your body shape. Containing 30 tablets...
Perfect Body Slimming Undergarment
Perfect Body Slimming Undergarment (3 sets): 
•Promoting blood circulation
•Burning away excessive fat
•Uplifting butt...
Slimming Belt
6 in one Air Pressure Belt (Motor Made in Japan)  
•Tone and Flattens the Abs
•Busts the Appearance of Cellulite  &nb...
Tigthen Trimming Gel
(For all skin types) formulated by MEIDENFEN COSMETICS - FRANCE * PARIS (Manufactured in Malaysia).
Melts Aways Fat......... Bett...
 Showing 1 - 4 of 4
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