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Algotherm Acne Serum - Specific Treatment for Spots

A localized treatment to target imperfections Acni-Serum is a complete localized treatment. It concentrates a keratoregulating active ingredient a...
Algotherm Anti-Age Toning Lotion

Anti-aging toning for the skin.
•At the heart of the Anti-Age Toning Lotion, the anti-aging complex combines the action of liposomes and A...
Algotherm Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

Gentle care for delicate skin.A special gentle formula to remove all traces of make-up (even waterproof). Its gentle agents soothe and freshen the...
Algotherm Gentle Facial Rolling Mask

•All skin types.
•This kaolin-rich scrub absorbs excess sebum, tightens dilated pores and restores the skin's natural radiance. I...
Algotherm Marine Facial Scrub
Normal and combination skin.Rich in marine oils with softening properties and seaweed extracts, Algotherm Marine Facial Scrub cleanses the skin deep d...
Algotherm Matifying Cream Gel

The ultimate skincare cream: purifies and neutralizes shineAlgotherm Matifying Cream Gel is a n overall treatment with a fluid, non-oily texture. ...
Algotherm Moisturizing and Repair Cream

Nutrition and Hydration
•Algotherm Moisturizing and Repair Cream is enriched with natural nourishing marine elements to hydrate and restru...
Algotherm Moisturizing Day Cream

Comforting HydrationThis ultra-fluid delicate emulsion instantly penetrates the skin to provide immediate comfort with hydrating agents that prote...
Algotherm Purifying Facial Peeling
Purify Oily Skinits delicate texture contains a sebum-regulating complex that purifies and matifies oily skin and detoxifies dull complexions. Algothe...
Hydramarine Gel

This gel combines the force of marine elements to the seawater freshness for a nice and energizing effect.
 PRICE: MYR 76.00 (Negotiable &...
Nourishing Body Oil

A delicately perfumed oil with a non-greasy texture which makes the skin silky smooth and leaves a veil of softness all over the body. *the upper ...
 Showing 1 - 11 of 11
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