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 Pet Care   Shampoos   Espree   Citrusil Plus Shampoo
Citrusil Plus is an advanced alternative to pesticide citrus shampoo that degreases and deodorizes while addressing insect related skin problems.  Gives the coat optimal body and shine! 

Directions:  Use full strength or dilute up to 8 parts warm water to 1 part shampoo and shake well.  Massage into coat of dog, leave in 5 minutes for best results and rinse thoroughly.  Shake well.
  • Citrus Fragrance
  • Eases Itching, Scratching and Biting
  • For Dogs Only
Available In:
  • 12 oz. / 355 ml
  • 1 Gallon / 3.79 L
  • 5 Gallon / 18.93 L
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