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ISDN Line Interface / ISDN Protocol

  • ISDN basic rate "S/T" interface
  • Point to point and multidrop passive bus 
  • Comply with ETSI standard              

Multiple Call Handling Capability:

  • Outgoing Caller, Overlap sending, Semi-Enbloc
  • Incoming call, display incoming telephone number  

LCD Display:

  • Show status
  • Show current date and time
  • Show message from network  

Speaker phone:

  • Group listening
  • LED Indication  

Memory Dial:

  • Two-touch memory operation
  • 20 memory sets

Multiple ring patterns DTMF on B-channel Ringer volume control Receiver

  • volume control

Caller ID

  • Record telephone number
  • Record date and time

Date/Time display (Display date, hour & minute)

Last number redials

Line status display

Plug and Play

Block dial


Change broker telephone

Charge counter

Hot line

Key pad

protocol Message LED  


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