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 Silver Catalogue (Demo)
Demo's 2011
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 Handphone   Sony Ericsson   Phone   Sony Z558i
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   Get acquainted with the Z558i clamshell phone - premium materials, a quality feel. And it's slim enough to fit in your pocket, yet containing all you need to communicate in style...

Handwriting input recognition

Enter your text the natural way. Z558i features a touchscreen with handwriting recognition. Email, Web addresses, contact info - text input couldn't be easier. And for your convenience, a handy stylus is included.

Ease of use

Stay in touch, stay updated. This is a phone with ease of use in mind. Z558i supports standard push e-mail. You can receive e-mail directly to your phone. Bluetooth™ technology gives you wireless convenience - try a Bluetooth™ headset or car handsfree solution.

Quality images - 1.3 megapixel

With the Z558i, you always have a camera close at hand. Take snapshots with the 1.3 megapixel camera. Transfer your pictures to your PC with a USB cable (optional accessory). Or just view them on the phone screen - in full color. For situations that look better in motion, record some video.

External display convenience

Even when your Z558i is closed, you can see who's calling. The external display will also show the date and time and calendar reminders.

Relax. And have fun

Leisure time? The Z558i is there for you. Tune in to your favorite radio station with the FM radio. Open the Web browser and check out the latest sport scores. Or challenge yourself to a fast and colorful a 3D game.

Store more

Expand your phone memory with Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) (available in stores). Store loads of pictures, videos, music and games.





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