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 Silver Catalogue (Demo)
Demo's 2011
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 Handphone   Sony Ericsson   Phone   Sony W810i
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Complete music kit

The W810i Walkman® is a stylish music player with everything you need for a mobile music lifestyle. An easy-to-use Walkman® digital music player with folders for artists and customised playlists. A 512 MB Memory Stick PRO™ Duo with enough memory for up to 175 songs. And a stereo headset for quality listening. Enjoy hours of your favourite music wherever you go. And when you want quality entertainment around the clock, the W810i has an FM radio with RDS.

Music to your phone

The Disc2Phone™ music copying software supplied in the W810i kit makes it easy to copy songs from your favourite CDs and PC music folders

Music accessories

To make your mobile music life easier, there is a range of Sony Ericsson music accessories including headphones, phone-to-stereo music cables and portable speaker systems.

Get the picture

The built-in W810i 2-megapixel digital camera with autofocus takes excellent photos, and when you need to catch some action, the W810i has video, too. Sharing images and other phone content is easy. Use Bluetooth™, or Multimedia messaging when you want to send images and video. The W810i takes pictures to be proud of.

Fast and mobile Web experience

Wherever you are, you have high-speed access to the internet. EDGE technology makes surfing the mobile internet fast, and a full-function internet browser lets you view all your favourite Web sites as you go.

Messaging - text, picture and email

The W810i makes keeping in touch with friends and family fun and easy. As well as SMS text messages, you can send text, pictures, video and music to another phone or email address. A full-function email client in your W810i gives you access to your inbox wherever you go.


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