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The puppies we sell are all very healthy. We do not sell puppies that are ill nor has defect. We have a 7days policy in which the buyer has the right to take the puppy for medical check up and if found any acute illnesses or defect; we will give a full refund to the buyer. (Must be accompanied by a doctor's letter confirming the illness or defect;only applies serious illness like Parvovirus,distemper virus, dislocated bones, or genitical disorder. Light illness like skin condition,mild diarrhea or any other treatable illness will not be considered for a full refund but is negotiable for some other compensation.)Buyers are advised to check their puppies of any illness or defects after purchasing the puppy before leaving the shop.

Our puppies are bred and raised by the hands of good breeders that we personally know and thus we can guarantee the health and the breed of puppy you are looking for and we welcome inquiries for rare breeds that you need. We will try our best to help find an adorable puppy for you. We also sell imported puppies as well.


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