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Felton Air Purification
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 Product Details
 Felton Air Purification   Feltonair Air Purifier with LED Lights
ColorPastal Blue - 35% (3492pcs)
Transparent White - 15% (1512pcs)
Baby Pink - 15% (1512pcs)
Light Green - 20% (1980pcs)
Yellow - 15% (1512pcs)
SpecificationWaterproof Motor / 2800-2900rpm
3 watts
Product Measurement11 x 11 x 13.5cm
Packing Measurement Per Piece12 x 12 x 14.5cm
Packing Weight Per Piece0.3kg
Pieces Per Bundle36pcs per bundle with single color
Packing Measurement Per Bundle76 x 25 x 44cm
Weight Per Bundle14.5kg
Our Product CodeFAP 1005
Our Products NameFelton Mini Air Purifier with LED Light
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