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Neo-Tec Air Purifier
 Product Details
 Neo-Tec Air Purifier   Air Purifier with Arion Generator XJ-3000B

Air Purifier with Arion Generator

  • Perfect Filter and dust collection equipment
  • Large capacity,low noise, low energy consumption power system
  • 3 level speed change, 735 hrs timer operation
  • Remote control, practical and convenient
  • Kill Bacteria and virus, prevent disease from spreading
  • Efficiently filter out pollutants and allergens
  • Luxurious new design make your living room warm and elegant
  • Removes smoke and other pleasant odor neutralizes poisonous and harmful gases
Perfect for reducing and eliminating dust, odors, viruses, microbes, allergens, chemicals and other polluntants from the air.
Uses a pre-filter meshed, non-woven fabric filter layer with high efficiency active carbon filament absorption material. Filter can be replaced simply by removing the filter frame from the bottom of the purifier.

The XJ-3000B gives you the combined technologies of negative ionization, HEPA filter dust filtration and the power of on command ozone sterilization for odors when you need it. An ideal air purifier for the home, office, hotels and hospitals.

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