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Neo-Tec Air Purifier
 Product Details
 Neo-Tec Air Purifier   Ionic Air Purifier XJ-2000

Air Purifier with Arion Generator

  • 16 High density stainless stell needlepoints
  • Removes tobacco and other odors
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Force Particles as small as .01 micron from the air
  • Easy to clean removable dust collection plates
  • No filters to replace
  • Perfect travel companion.Combat hotel odors
  • Use in your car,comes with a lighther adapter
  • Negative ion & clean air promote good health

Special Features:

  • Superior 16 Ionic Pin design at an extremely affordable cost.
    The Surround Air XJ 2000 Ionic Air Purifier features sixteen stainless steel ionic pins and removable stainless steel dust collector plates. For comparison, here are the prices of some of the comparable Ionic Purifiers: Sharper Images Ionic Breeze $350-$450 - 2 ionic pins, Ecoquest/Alpine $300-$600 - 1 ionic pin, Friedrich C90A Electrostatic Air Cleaner $450 - $500. Most of the "competition" sells for $300 and up.
  • Eliminates virtually any Odour.
    The Neo-Tec XJ2000 Ionic Air Purifier will give you More Energy, Relieve Allergies, make you more Alert and eliminate virtually any Foul Odour.
  • SUPERIOR TO a filter (HEPA) purifier.
    In a filter-type purifier with a fan or blower, only air that goes through the filter can be cleaned. The tiniest particles airborne contaminant can flow through the filter. These tiny particulates can only be removed by Surround Air ionization rather than HEPA filters. 80% of all airborne pollutants and contaminants are smaller than 0.1 microns! Surround Air air purifier can effectively remove airborne pollutants and contaminants as small as 0.01 microns! The most effective HEPA filters can only get rid of particles greater than 0.3 microns.
  • Dust collection plates to absorb airborne contaminant.
    The XJ-2000s uniquely designed dust collection plates efficiently absorb airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke. These collection plates help prevent "black wall effect" and they also have the capability to capture smaller particles.
  • Ideal Ozone Level.
    Most of the negative ions air purifier available in the market generates excessive amount of Ozone. A small amount of Ozone increases indoor air quality, kills bacteria and fungus. It also helps your body to enhance oxygen capacity of blood, vitalize body cells, regulate the functioning of the immune system. However, some assumptions have grown up around ozone, focused on the fact that ozone can cause allergy if inhaled in large quantities. The WHO (World Health Authority) guidelines, say that the maximum acceptable level of ozone is 0.1ppm (parts per million). FDA and OSHA standards require ozone level of no more than 0.05 ppm. Our Surround Air XJ-2000 Air Purifier have the capability to produce up to 1,000,000 negative ions/cm³ with Ozone output of less than 0.04 ppm which is well within the WHO, FDA and OSHA standard.
  • Appropriate amount of Negative Ions (High but not over abundance).
    Some air purifiers produce excessive number of negative ions (up to billion) in a very small area. It can cause so-called "gray-walling" or "black-walling" which is the dirt particles and black residue near the needle are electro-plated or built up to the wall. As a result, it will be hard to clean the purifier. Surround Air air purifier generates the high number of negative ions without having the gray-wall effect.
  • Noiseless operation.
    HEPA filters usually create noise pollution. XJ-2000 Air Purifier uses advanced electronic ionizer breeze technology with soundless design and no motor.
  • No replacement Filter necessary.
    HEPA filter Air Purifiers usually requires expensive replacement filter. XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier features easily removable and easily clean collection plates with no filter replacement necessary.
  • No need to buy two different units ( Combination of Negative ions and Ozone Purifier).
    Other air purifiers can only clean the air with negative ions or sanitize the room with the Ozone. Surround Air air purifier is capable of cleaning the air, sanitize the room, remove odor and kill the microorganism all at the same time. Air cleaning is different from Air sanitizing. Air cleaning means that particles of dust and other dirt are being filtered out of the air. Air cleaning is extremely useful to prevent allergy and asthma. Air Sanitizing means that dangerous microorganism and mold spores and are being killed.
  • Easily maintained and cleaned.
    Wipe the easily cleaned dust collector plate every month. Clean the Needlepoints every two months, or when the unit starts making hissing sound. Clean the dust off the units circuit every 4-6 months.
  • Extremely light, handy, durable and elegant appearance.
    Surround Air XJ-2000 Air Purifier with its contemporary and classy design, allows placement of the product virtually anywhere in your room.
  • Very Low Electricity bill.
    XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier consume only 6 W of power which is equivalent to $6 of electricity bill annually.
  • Available with three different settings.
    XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier allow you to adjust the settings to HI mode, LO mode and OFF according to your needs. High mode: The unit will run continuously. Low mode: Unit will run intermittently; on for three minutes, off for two minutes. This setting will accommodate different room sizes and air quality conditions.
  • Manufactured by an ISO-9001 certified company.
    We recognize the importance of Quality in design and manufacturing process. Our manufacturers meet the high audit requirement for International Quality Standard, ISO9001. Therefore we assure you the reliability and performance of our products shall exceed your expectation. 

Health Benefits of XJ2000 

  • Experience the Power of Negative Ions.
    Ever wonder why it feels so pleasant near a huge waterfall? Remember how invigorating and fresh the air was? That is because that air was rich with negative ions. Must have experienced the same breath of the "clean" air right after a thunderstorm. Same phenomena!! Enrich the air with millions of negative ions. Surround Air XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier works on the same exact principle.
  • Increase oxygen uptake.
    Researchers believe Negative Ions increase oxygen uptake capabilities on a cellular level. More oxygen to your cells means better overall health. The Nobel prize winner a few years ago discovered that lack of oxygen is the main cause of cancer.
  • Improves mood and stay alert.
    Research shows that negative ion help regulate brain serotonin. The brains serotonin neurotransmitter system has been associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, change of mood and alcohol addiction. Negative ion therapy has also been used successfully to combat SAD (Seasonal Adaptive Disorder). The US military installs negative ion generators in fighter jet cockpits and in submarines to keep the crews frosty and alert.
  • Fights asthma epidemic & allergy.
    A study conducted by a group of doctor shows that negative ions generally lead to favorable effects, and many individuals experience relief from their respiratory allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Eliminate Odour, Dust, Smoke, Pollen etc.
    Negative ions produced by XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier, purifies the air by attaching themselves to positive ions, thus making them too heavy to remain in the air and falling to the ground or onto a conductive surface where normal cleaning activity can remove them from the room. Positive ions are akin to pollution, dust, dander, smoke, etc.
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