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 Passenger Car Tyres   Yokohama C.Drive AC01

An extra margin of safety
The Yokohama is earning a reputation as the “must have” tyre for safety.’s superb handling capabilities provide extra vehicle stability in emergency-swerve situations. Aside from safety, the is a sensible upgrade for your standard vehicle as the tyre is designed to offer sportier performance, a comfortable ride and low cabin noise that last as the tyre wears.

Confidence in the Rain
Driving in the rain can be a frightening experience as it is difficult to see other vehicles or road signs, and even the road itself. Dirt and oil on the road can also make road conditions very slippery, while aquaplaning on puddles can lift your tyre off the road and reduce traction to almost zero.’s silica based rubber compound grips the road at a microscopic level to ensure your vehicle gets maximum grip in the wet, while the four wide deep grooves flush away water to deliver superb wet traction.

Asymmetrical Tread Design’s asymmetrical tread pattern is designed to provide the perfect balance between sport performance and luxury comfort. The inner zone has softer, smaller tread blocks that offer excellent wet handling. The middle zone has a continuous rib design that offers low noise and better comfort feel. The outer zone has larger tread blocks that are more rigid for better dry handling and extra cornering grip.

Retail Price : MYR 235.00
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