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 Electone   Custom Model(ELS-01C)

Yamaha Electone Stagea The Electone evolves...Perform live, in real-time, with others, on the stage.  Designed with advanced functions and rich expressive capabilities, the Stagea let's you perform the way you want.  This is the Electone everyone has longed for. 

An eye-catching modern designed makes for an impressive look on any stage.  The open frame architecture puts more of you in view so the audience can see just how physically demanding and instrument the Electone is to play. 

The Stagea is all about real-time performance.  It provides you, the performer, with the ability to collaborate freely with others in a live situation without having to create data beforehand.  Designed with an easy to play and operate user interface, it offers rich musical expressive power.  And enhanced functions make sure it can stand up to the most demanding of performance situations.  


Voices : 

The Stagea's voice library includes the entire EL Series voice library, which has been refined and enhanced specifically for use with these new Electones.  Also included are upgraded and rearranged voice and rhythm patterns from our highly acclaimed tone generator library.It all forms an extensive palette of exciting voices and rhythms with which you can create. 

Utilizing Yamaha's AWM technology and a 4-layer design, the Stagea's cutting-edge tone generator lets you combine instruments in ways that until now have been impossible.  This system delivers natural sounding grand pianos, electric guitars, and a wealth of other expressive instruments.  ELS-01C (Custom model) has 509 voices.  


Rhythms : 

Driving high quality percussion voices the library's 274 rhythm patterns cover a wide range of musical genres and deliver stunning rhythm quality.  The Stagea's extensive rhythm library and its ability to change rhythms at a moment's notice leaves you free to explore wherever your inspiration may take you, and create some truly exciting performances along the way.  


Registration Menu : 

From Pops to Symphonic, a Wide Variety of Registrations for each Genre.  With the ELS-01C's 300 registrations,  its easy to recall the voices and rhythms that are appropriate for the type of music you want to play anytime, anywhere.  


Touch Panel LCD : 

Easy-to-read LCD puts you in Direct Control.  Easy to view head on or from an angle the 6.5-inch color LCD is touch sensitive to allow direct access to parameter controls from the screen.  Data Dial works with the display, used in combination with the touch panel, the data dial offers quick and precise control.  


Effects : 

The Stagea includes an effects section that features 183 effects variations divided into 15 categories.  And for increased playability, two effects can be combined to create even more variations.

Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.


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