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 FLOWER ARRANGEMENT COURSES   Flower Arrangement Courses

Agape Florist is a florist cum floral training centre based in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Our training centre offers courses from basic to advanced level which are coached by our experienced professional florist principal on an individual basis. Materials are all provided for and classes are conducted in a relaxed & friendly environment.

Our courses are suitable for anyone who want to arrange flower for their own enjoyment as well as to become a professional florist as their career. Once you learn the basic of arranging flower, you will then be able to go on to create & design your own freestyle floral arrangement.

We have recently came out with a new series of short courses for the benefit of our student. We try to blend in the practical and up-to-date aspects in a single course format. Lessons will be coached in an easy-to-learn method.


Courses available now are as follows: 



Total Lessons

  Hobby Class


  Intensive commercial floral design class


  Advance commercial floral design class


  Hand bouquet design



Hobby Class

This short course is designed for self-enrichment and for social purposes. Beginners with no prior knowledge will be taught some basic and later some practical aspect of floral design. Hand bouquet, basket design and bridal bouquet are part of the course.


Intensive Commercial Floral Design

This course provides basic floral design to creative skill in a single course format. This is particularly suitable for self-enrichment purposes and also for those who wish to work in floristry industry or start small businesses.


Advance Commercial Floral Design

This course includes both floral design skill and shop management in an extended format. This level is especially suitable for those who wants to start a florist shop as business.


Hand Bouquet Design

A course that gives you  hands-on experience on making  modern hand bouquet. You will be exposed to different type of flower and chocolate/ soft toy bouquet. You may bring home your own creation.


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