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Sinatec ERP Express is a completely integrated business solution that integrates the security module, accounting module, sales and distribution module and asset management module. Having Sinatec ERP Express, new business owner no longer need to worry about their future system limitation because Sinatec ERP Express will always improve itself to best suit the challenging business world.

For the existing business owner, Sinatec ERP Express helps them to reduce their daily job workload as data now only needs to be enter once (Sinatec ERP Express is an integrated system), faster response to the business environment (real time information available) and making sure all the process is best suit their business model (thru system customization).

Ready to use, Easy to Adapt
Sinatec ERP Express is a robust ERP solution designed to meet the changing needs of your company. From simple user interface customization, to complete source code modification, Sinatec ERP adapts to the way you do business. Sinatec ERP offers a full range of features and benefits and is available in two editions to help you better manage your business. Sinatec ERP Enterprise comes with full customization and it can be uniquely modified to maximize your business processes. Sinatec ERP Express is ideal for the mid-range client who may need the option of upgrading to the Sinatec ERP enterprise edition over time.
Fast System adoption
With Sinatec ERP Express, adoption of the system will only take you a half an hours to install and you can start using your new ERP within the next few days! (We believe everyone will have some learning curve before they can start using the software.
Plug and Play Function
Basic Sinatec ERP Express will come with 3 main modules, which is System Administration, Sales & distribution and Financial module. Beside this, some other modules like HP Management Module, MRP Module, Customer Relationship Module also available. Should user feel to upgrade to any of this module, it can be done easily thru the upgrade CD.
Real-time information
With the Sinatec ERP Express Business solution you can check vital financial measurements in real time. Check your accounts receivable balance, accounts payable balance, month-to-date sales and cost of goods or even your sales representative performance.
Ability to export
All the reports in Sinatec ERP Express can be export to other document format for further utilization of the data. Some of the example supported formats are: Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, PDF format & pure Text format.
Experience Support Team
With vast experience implementing Sinatec ERP solutions and working relentlessly with wholesale and distribution industry, our professional teams are confidence to assist your company to operate effectively in today's challenging environment.
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