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Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone Version

Sinatec ERP Basic Version is a stream down version of our Sinatec ERP Express Network version. Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone version will still have all the modules and functions of Sinatec ERP Express Network version expect it is only come with 1 system user license and it does not support network and only work on local PC. Below is the modules found in Sinatec ERP Basic standalone version:

  • System Setup
  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Sales Module
  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Cash Management

Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone version is a complete feature software, yet it come with low ownership cost (which is as low as RM10 for Malaysian and USD10 for foreigner), which is best suit for business owner who just starting their business and are looking for a software that come with all the basic features that required to manage their daily business transaction.

For the existing business owner, Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone helps them to reduce their daily job workload as data now only needs to be enter once (Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone is an integrated system), faster response to the business environment (real time information available) and making sure all the process is best suit their business model (thru system customization).

Grow with Your Business

Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone version has the abilities to grow with the business. Taken for example if a business has grow so well and there are a lot of new business features/functions come into the existing business environment, if business owner is using the Sinatec ERP Basic standalone version; they can easily upgrade their software to our Sinatec ERP Express which we provide software customizations (on case by case basis) or even upgrade to Sinatec ERP Enterprise version (Full software customization) depend on how heavy the customization would be. The greatest thing is, business owner need not go though the process of re-customization, re-familiarization of the software as it is just the software upgrade.

Fast System Adoption

With Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone, adoption of the system will only take you a half an hours to install and you can start using your new ERP within the next few days! (We believe everyone will have some learning curve before they can start using the software.)

Auto Intrnet Update Function

If you have the internet connection, system will check for the software update every time you log into the system.

Plug and Play Function

Adding new features into the system has never been so easy as our software support plug & play functions

Ability to Export

All the reports in Sinatec ERP Basic Standalone can be export to other document format for further utilization of the data. Some of the example supported formats are: Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, PDF format & pure Text format.

Experience Support Team

With vast experience implementing Sinatec ERP solutions and working relentlessly with wholesale and distribution industry, our professional teams are confidence to assist your company to operate effectively in today's challenging environment.

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