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 Company Profile

   Beauty is a blend of art, science & style. It touches our lives everyday and enhances our confidence in social activities.

   Pravenues Beauty Sdn Bhd set up in the month of August 2003 and thus White Pearl brand officially in the market nationwide. We are a beauty & health Company.

   The Company's vision is to establish a concrete platform for entrepreneurs especially women, beauty therapists, investment & ideas; thus, more opportunities in beauty industry created to meet the challenging oveasea products.

   We are here to promote 'Made in Malaysia' products & services. In order to reach more customers of all walks of life internally in Malaysia & externally our neighbouring countries such s Indonesia, Thailand & etc, 'State Stokist' are appointed to put out promotional events and enforcing the Company's policies & plans.

Satisfaction of customers , the commitment of

Pravenus Beauty Sdn Bhd 

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