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Dessert Fish Ball
Meat Ball Nuggets
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A gorgeous order for your favorite chocoholic. Comes in assorted chocolate with delicious looks. Special made chocolate balls with nutrients add-ons f...
Cuttlefish Balls
Fried cuttlefish balls that we serve are low in fat, high in protein, and contain almost insignificant amount of cholesterol. Served in fried, steamed...
Fish Ball
Try out our fresh, tasty and tender fish balls! It is healthy and rich in protein. A great food for fish ball lovers. Fish balls can be...
Enjoy our great homemade ice cream with reasonable price!
•Fine ice cream with fresh fruit toppings
•Gives you a real sense of icy fee...
Meat Ball
Meat balls made of fresh chicken meat or beef. Meat balls can be prepared to include any herbs, spices, or flavouring to suit. Meat balls supplied are...
Soya Nuggets
Soya nuggets are rich in protein. This product is made of fish or chicken. Served most commonly in fries. A recommended food for nuggets lovers.Please...
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