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CEASZ Vigorizing Oil

CEASZ Vigorizing Oil Our eucalyptus blend is a zesty formula containing an herbal combination that will invigorate your body. This aromathera...

 ELIXER(For professional use only)Elixer is speically formulated to mix with all of our balancing blend oils and our hair and scalp treatment...
Mixing Bottles

Mixing BottlesMixing bottle with gentle mist trigger sprayer for Balancing Blends.
For quotation please contact us at 603-95433238.
Naturalizing Oil

Naturalizing OilThis artful ylang-ylang blend perks you up. This aromatherapy oil is perfect for your hair, skin, body, and scalp treatments. ...
ROSA OilOur Rosa Oil aromatherapy blend creates a rich floral balance that refreshes you throughout the day. This aromatherapy oil is perfect for your...
 Showing 1 - 5 of 5
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