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IP Master Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
Wartel & Call shop
 Product Details
 Wartel & Call shop   Cost-saving calls
* Big Savings On Long Distance Calls.
* Toll Quality Voice Service.
* Using Private And Fully Managed Carrier Grade
   Communications Networks.
* Not Using Unmanaged Or Badly Managed Public
* Reliable Global Coverage.
* Secured Services.
* Access Using The CLID (Caller ID) Provided By Telco's  
* User ID and PIN For Added Security.
* No Monthly Subscription Fee.
* Subscription Based Pre-paid Service.
* Automatic "top up" service to reload credit to
   customers' accounts.
* Subscription Based Post-paid Service.
* Detailed Call Billing And Reporting.
* Web based Online Billing.
* Personalized secure web page for further billing analysis.
* PBX / Key Phone System (KTS) Integration
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