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At here, we provide a big variety of good quality cello for cellist. Also, we provide the cello's accessories likes cases, rosin, endpin, Wolf tone eliminators, mutes, metronomes, humidifiers and tuners.

  • Cello - or originally called violoncello, is a bowed stringed instrument. It is the lowest-sounding member of the violin family. It can be used as a solo instrument, in chamber music, or as a member of the string section of an orchestra.
  • Cases - used to protect the cello and bow when traveling, and for safe storage. You can get a stylish or fashionable case for your cello to travel around for your music journey.
  • Rosin - Our rosins are made from conifer resin, is applied to the bow hairs to increase the effectiveness of the friction and allow proper sound production.
  • Endpin - stops or straps, keep the cello from sliding if the endpin does not have a rubber piece on the end (only applicable for wood floor.)
Come and visit us to get more information for the music instrument. We also provide cello class or training for those who are interesting on it. Come and join us immediately!
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