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 Automotive services   Air-Condition charging & servicing

We provide air-condition charging & servicing.

Some basic information on servicing air-con system are as follows:

  1. Is the compressor dry or does it contain oil? The correct amount and type of oil must be used. Refer to the original equipment manufacturer for this information.
  2. Accumulator / receiver drier must be replaced.
  3. Orifice tube must be replaced; expansion valve must be inspected and replaced if dirty or defective.
  4. Air-con system must be clean and free of debris and contaminants.  In most cases components can be flushed. However in some instances it may be necessary to replace condenser or other items.
  5. Prior to refrigerant charging, full vacuum must be done for a minimum of 1 hour. In humid climates or during cooler days, this time should be increased to effectively remove air and boil off moisture.


 Please visit or contact us at 016-2222466 (Mr.Lai) for more details.  
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