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EnerFlex™ is a balanced powdered blend of organic wholesome soybean and soy protein isolate powder used in the form of beverage for general well being. EnerFlex™ contains all essential amino acids to enhance body health, as essential amino acids are the basic building block for protein formation in the body. Protein plays specific role in the body such as tissue growth, tissue repair, and structure maintenance throughout life (hair, nails, skin, bones), connective tissue and blood, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies formation, fluid balance of cells, acid-base balance (fluid pH) in maintaining normal body function, assist in transporting the nutrients to the cells in the body, and as a quality source of energy for the body.

Essential amino acids are nutrients that cannot be produced by the body. They have to be replenished on a daily basis from the diet to ensure optimum body function. Inadequate supply of essential amino acids in the cell will result in defect in protein synthesis in the body. It has been long established that within the cell of human body, protein synthesis takes place very rapidly. The essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids (produced by the body) are arranged by the transfer RNA according to the message carried by messenger RNA from DNA for functional protein synthesis in the body.

EnerFlex™ is of superior quality organic wholesome soybean and soy protein isolate for better digestion, absorption and palatable taste. It tastes so good that even children love it!

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