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EnerFlex™ PROBIOTIC  is a saintifically formulated palatable premixed organic based soybean powder powered by multi-strains of beneficial live cultures consumed as a beverage to help restore gut micro flora balance and for healthy bowel movements. All live cultures strains confirm to World Organizations (WHO) guidelines on probiotics: human origin, resistant to gastric juices and intestinal bile environment, adherence (CaCo-2) in human, able to colonize the colon and not resistant to any commonly used antibiotics

EnerFlex™ PROBIOTIC contain organic wholesome concentrated soybean powder (with urinase enzyme being removed, urinase enzyme is the key to uric acid formation), patented digestion resistant maltodextrin (Cornstarch derived Dietary Fibre), premixed symbiosis produced live culture powder containing Lactic Acid Bacteris (LAB) - Lactobacillus acidophilus (1), Bifidobacterium bifidus (2), Bifidobacterium longum (3), Bifidobacterium longum (infantis) (4), Lactobacillus casei subsp (5), Lactobacillus lactis (6), premixed multivitamin-multimineral powder, and non-GMO soy protein isolates. Only GRAS (generally rated as safe) raw materials are used in the product formulation. All materials used in the formulation are certified HALAL by their countries of origin.

Non-toxic. No artificial flavours, food additives, colourings, solvents, preservatives and thickeners added. EnerFlex™ PROBIOTIC is produced in accordance to European International Quality Management System (UKAS ISO9001:2000) and compliance to Global Food Safety Standard (RvA HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) with zero cross contamination and certified free from Chemical (heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, tin, mercury, cadmium and antimony), Biological (Mycotoxin, Aflztoxins, Mold and Yeast, pathogenic bacteria) and Physical hazards. All ingredients used are toxin-free and generally rated as safe (GRAS) by US FDA and phosphorus content is negligible, free from oxalic acid with moderate amount of methionine and rich in folic acid and licithin for renal health. Oxalic acid can potentially lead to kidney stone formation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has established that soy protein contains enough of all the essential amino acids to meet human requirements when consumed at the recommended level of protein intake, and is considered equivalent to animal proteins in quality. United States (1999) and United Kingdom (2002) FDA approved heart health claim of 6.25g soy protein as dietary recommendation to help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease via LDL-cholesterol lowering. Emerging research points to the beneficial role soy can play in a woman's diet, potentially protecting her from breast cancer and bone loss, alleviating hot flashes associated with menopause and even helping in weight management. Theese promising findings stem from research presented at the recent Fifth International Symposium on the Role of Soy in Preventing and Treating Chronic Disease in Orlando, Florida.

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