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Product Code : EnerCardo
Normal Price : MYR 80.00
EnerFlex™ PROCARDO is a novel and palatable multiple actions high dietary fibre soy functional food evolves from its proprietary base, EnerFlex™ powered by patented soluble dietary fibre (digestion resistant maltodextrin also known as analogue carbohydrate) to help regulate cholesterol metabolisms via functional soy peptides 7S & 11S (through up-regulation of hepatocyte LDL-C receptors and inhibition of HMG-CoA Reductase enzyme), soy lecithin (as lipid emulsifier) and patented indigestible maltodextrin) through bile excretion pathway) was resulted from excellent collaborative innovations of leading functional ingredients producers in the United States, Japan, China and Taiwan. Unlike maltodextrin, digestion resistant maltodextrin is a rich source of water soluble dietary fibre. This is consistent with both the American Association of Cereal Chemist's and the Food and Butrition Committee of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) definitions of dietary fibre. In both cases, digestion resistant maltodextrin is classified as "resistant maltodextrin" and in both cases; "resistant maltodextrin" is classified as dietary fibre )AOAC method #2001.03). Is has been approved as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the US FDA and certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. At high levels, unlike insoluble fibre, digestion resistant maltodextrin doesn't affect eht taste or interfere with mineral or calcium absorption and bloating making it an excellent fibre source for consumers of any age.
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