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Baroque frame Mirror
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Artificial Book

 Size : Dia.4.5"x4"H 
Vase Size : Dia. 4" x 6.5"H
IBS12 (Vase)
Vase Size : Dia.5.5" x 8"H
TH-36 (2 drawers)
 Size : 10"Wx8.5"Hx5.5"L 
TH-37 (1 drawer)
 Size : 12"Wx8"Hx5"L 
TH-43 (Butterfly)
 Size : 780Hx400Wx350Lmm (3pcs/set) 
TH-44 (Fish)
 Size : 12 1/2"W x 35 1/2"H 
TH-48 (Universe)
 Size : 760Wx760Hmm 
TPC 051 (White/Bronze)
 Size : 48x33x10cm 
TPC 052 (Black & White Bird)
 Size : Black(Big) 16x38x6cm, White(Small) 16x27x6cm 
TPC 053a,b,c
 Size : a-27x24x9cm, b-22x26x9cm, c-21x24x10cm 
TPC 054 B,M,S
 Size : Big(White/Bronze) 62x66x13cm, Medium(White) 44x46x13.5cm,          Small(Bronze) 23x27x9cm
TPC 055 a,b,c
 Size : a-22Wx43Hx7cm, b-14Wx52Hx9cm, c-14Wx52Hx9cm
TPC 056 (Bird on Branch)
 Size : 59Wx38Hx12cm 
TPC 057
 Size : B-10x10x35Hcm, M-10x10x30Hcm, S-10x10x24Hcm 
TPC058 (Mirror Photo Frame)
 Size : 405Wx200Hmm, 224Wx243Hmm, 282Wx320Hmm, 335Wx228Hmm,        392Wx220Hmm, 219Wx298Hmm. (6pcs/Set) 
 Showing 1 - 17 of 17
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