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Price :RM 230.00 (20ml)Created for the young ladies, Ahebbak is like a bouquet of love meant to inspire and engulf the wearer with a tender soft feeli...
Price: RM91.00 (50ml)To take your happiness from your heart to your soul, to elevate your joy to levels out of this world, and to make everyone around...
AREEQ (100ml)
Price: RM230.00 Areeq, which implies something that is deep rooted or traditional, is a unisex light oriental that is designed as a blend of the ...
MARJAN (15ml)
Price : RM300.00All it is the mention of her name for your love to burst into flames. The preciousness of the love you feel for her is evident in your...
MARWAH (25 ml)
Price: RM165.00That Holy path and purity of pilgrims transmuted into fragrance with the aura intact is Marwah. The best of the ingredients: Amber, San...
 Showing 1 - 5 of 5
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