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elastomax 1
-Harness with 1 rear anchorage point.-Allows to be connected easily to a retractable lifeline or a fall arrest lanyard.
Elastomax 2
-Harness with 2 anchorage points : rear and sternal (through 2 loops joinedd together).-Position and orientation of the sternal anchorage loops provid...
Energy Premium
-With rotating belt -Quick to put on : 3 automatic buckles (belt and leg straps)
promax 2
-Harness with 2 anchorage points : rear and sternal.-Allows simple connection to a retractable lifeline or lanyard, but also to a rope grab (for work ...
Spider Harness
-Fall arrest harness provided with different anchorage points : 1 rear, 3 sternal, 1      ventral (for suspension), and 2 sid...
 Showing 1 - 5 of 5
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