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 Sekolah Sri Murni
 Company Profile
SRI MURNI is an exclusive private co-educational school, providing quality education ranging from Primary 1 through A levels. Parents who are selective and wish to give the best education to their children would find SRI MURNI the ideal private school they seek
30 Years of Education Experience.
SRI MURNI as part of the established education scene in this country has been providing quality education for 30 years.
The school is modeled along the lines of British Grammar School. Apart from providing a well-rounded education, there is emphasis on instilling a high standard of discipline in the students. Etiquette and moral education are part of the curriculum.
Ministry of Education Accredited.
SRI MURNI is registered under the Education Act of 1961
Low Staff to Student Ratio.
The school adopts a low staff to student ratio of approximately 1 teacher to every 25 students. Together with the hand-picked academically qualified teaching staff and conducive learning environment, the school aims to provide an exclusive learning experience.
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