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 Mitah Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (24302-H)
Battery Containers
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 Company Profile

Established since 1987, Mitah Manufacturing Sendirian Berhad with its production plant situated in Kuala Lumpur have grown and expanded into a major supplier of virgin polypropylene co-polymers containers and covers for automotive batteries.

Mitah Manufacturing with its proven battery components can enhance and expedite any battery manufacturing concern in achieving their product quality and profitability targets. This is due to Mitah policy of constant renewal of machinery, tooling and together with a highly marketing system, Mitah can unconditionally guarantee supplies to their customer with minimum lead-time and at a price levels that are highly competitive. In addition, with Mitah's in-house design and technical functions it can further assist customers in their proprietary product developments and eventual supplies or alternative supply from their range of products.

Today, Mitah's battery components are widely used by their customer in the supply of quality and high performance batteries to more than 33 countries across the globe.
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