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 Company Profile

TK Hydro Plant Technologies Sdn Bhd (TKHPT) is wholly own of TULUS KURNIA group of companies. The company was strategically set up to focus on introducing hydroculture services and providing HEALTHY LIVING & benefits to the customer.

NASA research has consistently shown that living, green and flowering plants can remove several toxic chemicals. Thus more and more people put plants in the office or home not only as decorative items but to use them to absorb potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings.

These days, Hydroculture Indoor Plants has capture market acceptance due to its cleanliness and odors free. We replace soil with lightweight medium known as LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). This eradicates repotting, acid soil and insect pest. Hydroculture plants are fed with precisely formulated nutrients and they reqire minimal maintenance and, watering with less frequency yet still provide optimal growth conditions for plants. Less maintenance, less watering means less disruption in your office...MORE PRIVACY...

TKHPT is dedicated to providing Hydroculture Indoor Plants to craft a manmade environment into a beautiful and lush piece of art and more importantly to improve the Air quality, remove toxic to make the office a mare pleasant place to work where people feel better, perform better. We believe this is the solution to live healthyly, naturally in the indoor environment.

TKHPT enjoy direct access to Tulus Kurnia personnel, technology and others resources. Adding to the above priviledge, TKHPT has collaboration with Malaysia Airports Agriculture-Hydroculture Sdn Bhd (MAAH) for the access of nursery located within KLIA vicinity to developed and promote hydroculture system and plants. These relationships further strengthen our ability to meets client’s needs.

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