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Sri Kumaran's Textile Sdn Bhd
Wedding Sarees
 Company Profile

The Sri Kumaran's Silk Store, famous for Silk was established on December 11, 1922 and has business for more than 80 years in Textile and Retail markets. It was started as a small retail store for Silk Sarees by the young entrepreneur Mr. K Natrajan. Sri Kumaran's Silk Store, the shop soon built up an image of unrivalled quality at reasonable prices, its roster of loyal clients also grew multifold. Sri Kumaran's Silk Store focus of business has also become broader. Today, we are not only the leading retailer, but also one of the foremost manufacturers of fabrics, apparel and made-ups.

Sri Kumaran's Silk Store has made geographical expansions by opening retail outlets in four places in Malaysia. Under the leadership team that comprises Mr. Radha Krishnan, Mr. N. Mohan, and Mr. N Ravichandran Sri Kumaran's is professionally managed.

The quality products of Sri Kumaran's Silk Store and its reputation have spread across
Malaysia. Our visions include:
  • To always maintain goodwill with all its customers.
  • To keep expanding its networks in Malaysia and beyond.
  • To operate a virtual silk store to serve customers all over the world online.
  • To become one of the leading Silk Stores in this part of the world.



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