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The classic look, feel and sound of a fine piano is something that has brought pleasure to many peoplethrought out the world. There's justsomething about a good quality piano in your home that promotes values, whether the enjoyment of playing, or listening to our children learn a skill that they'll enjoy and have for the rest of their lives.

Master Piano Service  was founded by piano technician, Mr. Aerick Ooi , as a resource to help musicians, parents, music teachers, students, and interior designers locate that perfect piano. She has a degree in Music and Education and started her piano technical training in 1987. We provide a personal service to all who crave to own that beautiful piano. Our resources are extensive, specializing in Senteinway and many of the finest pianos in Europe. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we will find the right piano for you. For those who must part with their piano, we also provide a no-cost consignment arrangement. We will show your piano, and sell it to the right buyer.

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