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Blower Fan MOtor
Direct Drive, two and three speed Belt Drive, split and single phase Combustion blowers 1/12 to 10HP Many models electrically reversible Applications ...
Blower Wheel I/L 40LX500-006
Cartridge Filter
Compressor Oil-18Lt (PP33-2)
Condenser Fan Motor
Single and Three phase Vertical shaft up/down or horizontal mounting Many models electrically Reversible, Single or Two speed available 1/10 to 1-1/2H...
Copper Tubes
Totaline pancake copper tubes, it is absolutely an option of  cleanliness. It was shown in the residue test that they are reached the codes at 0....
Insulflex Insulations
 Product Code Product DescriptionPrice / Piece (RM)  FG/RI/63008Insulflex insulation 5/8 × 3/8 1.39  FG/...
Refrigerant 22
 Product CodeProduct Description Price (RM)  TOSS R22 30LBRefrigerant 22 (13.6kg) 135.00 
Valve Plate Package (06EA660137)
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