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Iglo (M) Sdn Bhd
 Company Profile
IGLO (M) SDN. BHD. was established in 1995 to provide 3rd party temperature controlled Logistics. For that purpose, IGLO implemented a state-of-the-art MTCF located in between the North and West Port of Port Klang, Malaysia's premier Sea Gateway.

IGLO is a 'one stop' total logistics service provision, including multiple temperature controlled warehousing, down stream services like blast freezing (IQF), thawing and tempering cycles, (re)packaging, private labeling, as well as domestic & regional reefer distribution. The current capacity of the Port Klang facility is 15,000-pallet spaces, steered by a computerized refrigeration control system and computerized inventory management systems.

As a full-service public cold storage warehousing company,
IGLO is ideally located in Port Klang, Malaysia's premier Seaport Gateway and just minutes away from the North Port and West Port and major container terminals to facilitate and service, both the domestic and the international destinations. IGLO is within easy reach of the Klang Valley Kesas Highway, Plus Highway and Shapadu Highway network. It is ideally located for most areas of the country for the purpose of product delivering to retail or reprocessing centers and pick-up from manufacturers for order consolidation and onward deliveries.

IGLO handles a wide variety of frozen and chilled products, such as, marine products, perishables and vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, ice cream, bakery dough, confectionery, potato-based products and meats and poultry (Halal). .

IGLO has a proven track record with over 35 years of collective professional warehousing experience in handling of all types of frozen and refrigerated commodities, as well as distribution of perishable foods, which has established IGLO as a substantial player within the industry. We are able to offer a total logistics solution to cope with the demands and fluctuations of today's supply chain.

IGLO is committed towards the implementation of a domestics and regional network of state-of-the-art Multiple Temperature Controlled Facilitities (MTCF) / Central Warehouse & Distribution Centers (CWDC) with designated product/customer/temperature-linked terminals, providing optimal temperature controlled services, for a continuous 'Cold Chain' during the product-flow.

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