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 Product Details
 ICT School   BestariEd with Schools 

BestariEd Tuition Classes using the Official Courseware for the Malaysian Smart Schools.

Learning can be fun and effective with the wonders of multimedia! 

BestariEd is now available in different formats – CD ROM, Portable Hard Disk (Network Version) and Online Version.

It covers the 4 core subjects – Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics and Science – for both the Primary and Secondary levels. You now have the choice of more that 1600 titles to choose from.


BestariEd’s Key Features

  • Complying with the National Education Philosophy and the Smart school Curriculum.
  • Self Paced, Self Accessed and Self Directed Learning.
  • Stresses on Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Users Friendly, Interactive and Fun
  • Interesting Graphics and Animation
  • Easy to follow lessons and can serve as a tool for continuous learning.

Take a leap with the BestariEd Smart School Multimedia Educational Courseware today and you will be surprised with how far you can go!




Chart your course to a unique learning experience.

  • Titles organized by topics in CD ROM format
  • Available in Single Box Pack
    1. Single Pack – 3 to 5 titles in a single CD package.
  • Easy installation steps with quick activation process

Portable Hard Disk


Knowledge in the palms of your hands – education, everytime, everywhere.

  • Complete range of BestariEd courseware stored in one portable hard disk
  • Full and complete syllabus of all 4 core subjects-Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Mathematics and Science – for Year 1 to Form 5
  • Easy to carry devices that can easily be plugged and play at any location
  • Can be installed in a network environment.
  • A choice of 40GB, 80GB, and 120GB hard disk space available
  • Conveniently shared by a group of users

Online Version


Educational courseware just a mouse click away.

  • BestariEd  now available over the Internet for a complete online experience
  • Accessible and can be purchased and download from any part of the world
  • Log in to to get acess to BestariEd’s list of courseware titles and subjects
  • Choose your desired topic, pay online and download the courseware into your local hard disk
  • Payments can be made via credit cards or bank transfers
  • Suitable package for both individual and family

System Requirements


Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 98/SE/ME/2000
  • Pentium II 200 Mhz Processor with 64 MB RAM
  • Complete multimedia-ready system with CD-ROM Drive,Speakers and Sound Card
  • SVGA Display Screen
  • Macromedia Plug-Ins:
    • Macromedia Flash Player 7
    • Shockwave Player 8.5.1
    • Authorware Web Player 7 – Full
   A Smart Choice For Every Parent, Child and Teacher. 
  • 4 Main Subjects – Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Mathematics and Science.
  • Newly translated Mathematics and Science courseware to the English Language.
  • Widely used in 87 smart schools throughout Malaysia.
  • Developed based on the National Educational Philosophy and the Smart School Curriculum.
  • Encourages Self Paced, Self Accessed and Self Directed learning.
  • Interactive, fun, and educational.
  • Stresses on Creative and Critical Thinking.
  • Includes Word Processing and Grammar Checks.

Learning can be fun and effective with the wonders of multimedia! BestariEd is now available in two formats – CD ROM and Portable Hard Disk  Version. It covers the 4 core subjects – Bahasa Melayu, Enhlish,Mathematics and Science – for both the Primary and Secondary levels.  


Targeted at Primary & Secondary students, we offer a complete range of tutorials that cover 4 core school subjects.


Personal coaching is available at an affordable rate whilst the normal classes will have a maximum of 4 students per tutor.


Parents - Tutor consultation at no obligation is recommended before the tuition commences.

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