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Vtalk VoIP ( RM500.00 )

Package : 1 unit TA200 VoIP Device,1 unit Demo RJ45 cable & 1 unit Power Adaptor. The TA-200 Telephone Adaptor includes two 10/100 Ethernet Ports (WAN, LAN), SIP, two RJ-11 ports. Server Maintenance Fee RM10 / Monthly auto deduct from Air Time Account. Benefits : Unlimited FREE calls worldwide, As low as RM0.033 International call rate, Turn your MoBile Phone to make FREE SMS 2 Call,Pay Local Call Rate when you are in overseas (Eliminate Roaming Call charges), Compatible with any KEYPHONE or PABX system to allow inter branches FREE call.

TA-200 is an innovative and sophisticated access device that enables a user to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications and services. In addition, it allows the user to set up a home or small business network to share a single high-speed Internet connection.

The WAN Port of the TA-200 device connects to the Ethernet port of a Broadband Modem (ADSL or Cable); the LAN Port of the TA-200 adapter connects to the Ethernet port of the PC, providing the PC with connectivity to the Internet. At the same time it provides the user with two (2) additional telephone lines. The typical configuration diagram is shown below.

The TA-200 uses your broadband connection to deliver high quality voice communication and features equivalent to, or exceeding, those of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It is compatible with any standard analog telephone set, and it is very easy to install and configure. In addition to providing quality voice services, the TA-200's routing functionalities allow the user to work in a safe environment protected from the external Internet.

Retail Price : MYR 500.00
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