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QPRSB - ICT Skills Training 




  • "ICT SKILLS TRAINING" (customised program)


a)      Introduction

  • As our nation marches into the Knowledge-based Economy (K-Economy), ICT Skills and Knowledge become an integral and necessary requirement to survive and thrive in the new economy. It has been predicted that at least 40% of our Malaysian workforce will eventually be Knowledge Workers working with knowledge and information as the chief resource. To fulfill this need, ICT Skills Programmed is specifically formulated to provide our Malaysian K-Workers with an essential ICT skills and knowledge; where they are thus deemed to be ICT COMPETENT. 

b)      The Benefits 

  • ICT activities provide the workers an opportunity to contribute to their own personal development as well as contribute to the growth of organization. By participating in ICT activities, the employees get greater satisfaction in their work and also indirectly benefit the organization in terms of increased productivity, improvement of quality and quality consciousness through the automation and mechanization of work process. By shifting their business operations to the innovative way of using ICT can help company to remain competitive in their businesses but many have yet to seize the opportunity.   

c)      Management Commitment and Support.

  • The introduction and maintenance of ICT activities in an organization depends greatly on the solid foundation on management philosophy of participative involvement, employee’s empowerment and motivation and development of employees. Therefore, the success of ICT activities requires full commitment of the top level management. Commitment include support in terms of financial resources, human resources or allocation of personnel and other resources and giving due recognition to employees involved in ICT activities. 
  • Employers must change their mindset on the importance of train, retraining and optimizing ICT to assist them to adapt to the rapid technological changes and challenges due to globalization.




    2.  DURATION

    • Six (6) working days ( 0900hrs - 1500hrs )

    3.  DATE

    • To be mutually agreed and confirmed later.

    4.  VENUE

    • At Client's premise


    Module #1 – Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web.

    • Introduction to the Internet.
    • Understanding Internet Service Providers(ISPs).
    • Exploring The Internet.
    • Using Internet Explorer v6.0.
    • Searching The Internet.
    • Great Places to Start on the Internet.
    • An Introduction to E-Mail.
    • Security Basics: Online Shopping and Banking Safety.
    • Help Protect Yourself on the Internet.

    Module #2 – Microsoft Windows XP.

    • Getting To Know Windows XP.
    • Working With The Start Menu.
    • Working With Windows.
    • Customizing the Desktop.
    • Working with Windows XP Accessories.
    • Working With Files and Folders.
    • Working With Control Panel.
    • Working With Multimedia.
    • Optimizing & Maintaining Your Computer.
    • Getting Help and Support.

    Module #3 –  Microsoft Word.

    • Introduction To Microsoft Word.
    • Working With And Editing Text.
    • Using Word’s Viewing Modes.
    • Proofing Tools5.)    Formatting Characters.
    • Formatting Paragraph.
    • Working With Graphics.
    • Formatting Pages.
    • Printing.
    • Working with Tables.

    Module #4 –  Microsoft Excel.

    • Introduction To MS-Excel.
    • Working With Rows And Columns.
    • Formatting And Customizing Data.
    • Type Of Data.
    • Building Formulas.
    • Formatting A Worksheet.
    • Working With Chart.
    • Printing.

    Module #5 –  Microsoft PowerPoint.

    • Introduction To MS-PowerPoint.
    • Presentations and Slides.
    • Formatting and Editing Text.
    • Formatting and Editing Slides.
    • Drawings And Pictures.
    • Working With Tables.
    • Working With Graphs And Organization Charts.
    • Slide Design.
    • Delivering The Presentation.

    Module #6 -–  Microsoft Access.

    • Introduction To MS-Access.
    • Tables.
    • Working With Queries.
    • Working With Forms.
    • Working With Reports.


    6.  METHODOLOGY (Learning Approach)

    • One2One PC. 
    • Hands-on workshop.
    • Practice exercises.
    • Questions N Answers

    7.  HANDOUTS

    • A booklet of notes will be provided.


    • Management and general staff who are interested in learning ICT Skills.


    • 20 maximum


    • English

     11. CONSULTANCY FEES: RM3500 per Day/Module


Retail Price : MYR 3500.00
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