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eExam Online 

At QPRSB with School, we are continuously looking for better ways to help students prepare for exams to achieve better grades.  

INTRODUCING eExam, an online interactive educational workbook that caters for Primary 4 to Primary 6 students! Conforming to the KBSR syllabus and covering all 4 core UPSR subjects (BM, English, Science and Mathematics) it is prepared by a team of qualified and experienced teachers. 

WHAT IS eExam?eExam is specially designed for Year 4, 5 & 6 Malaysian students preparing for the UPSR. It’s a friendly, online, interactive workbook, which covers 4 of the subjects in UPSR, i.e. Mathematics, Science, English and Bahasa Malaysia.TRY IT NOW. IT’S FREE! (For 3 days).Please login on the right, either as a student or parent/teacher. We think you will find eExam useful and fun! And we hope that you will subscribe to eExam soon, before the UPSR gets too close!HOW MUCH?eExam subscription rates are very reasonable. It’s RM55 for 6 months and a special discounted rate of RM100 for 1-year. Don’t wait, click SUBSCRIBE now!  

Price Information


Subscription Period Price (RM) 

3 Months 30.00 

6 Months  55.00

One year  100.00


1.       Save money! eExam is cheaper than Tuition. And cheaper than buying workbooks.

2.       25,000 Questions. We dare you to finish them all!

3.       Open 24 hours. 7 days a week.

4.       500 subscribers. Yes, that’s how many people who have signed-up and this number is increasing all the time. Don’t be left behind!

5.       No need for Streamyx (or any other broadband service). Even if you only have a dial-up Internet connection (e.g. TM Net’s 1515 service), it’s enough. Of course, Streamyx is better than 1515.

6.       Bilingual. The whole site can be viewed in either Bahasa Malaysia or English. Just click on the top right-hand corner. And the Mathematics and Science workbooks are bilingual too, just like the UPSR.

7.       3 Types of Questions: a. UPSR-style b. By Topics c. Random

8.       ProgressReport. We’ll tell you how you are progressing in your studies, EVERY DAY. By subjects, by topics and in comparison with other students.

9.       We’ll tell your Parents! Yes, parents are given the same progress reports, EVERY DAY.

10.   Available now! Yes, it’s available right here, right now. Sign up now!   



If you like eExam, please tell all your friends, parents and teachers about it. If there’s something you need helps and assistance, call or tell us. We’ll fix it.


How to subscribe?

Subscribe right here, right now by Yourself:

  • You can subcribe online here. You can pay by credit card, cash through bank account transfer and if you are a TMNet subscribers, you can also pay using TMnet Prepaid Card and TMNet 1515
   Or QPR Free registration services available :
  • Bank-in. This could be done at an ATM, Cash Deposit Machine or at a bank counter. Then, please email/fax the bank-in slips together with your details (i.e. Date, Time, Location Pay in, Name, Telephone Number and Address) to: ONG GUAN LEONG (QUALITY PERFORMANCE RESOURCES SDN BHD).
  • By HP/Fax: 012-557 9197 / 04-423 9197
  • By Email:

Online Registration Form

Parent Information Designation  :  Mr. Ms. Mrs. Full Name  : 

Address  :   

Postcode  :  

City  : 

State  : 

Email Address  : 

Fixed Line No.  :  *

Mobile Phone No.  : 

Preferrred Language  :  English Bahasa Malaysia

Number of Child in Family  : 

* Child Ages  : 

*Separate child ages by comma. e.g. If you have 3 children and their age is 14, 12 and 10 years old, write 14,12,10 in the box.  Account InformationPreferred Username  :   This username will be used to login to the parent area. Note that this will not be used by the student. Their username & password will be created later after this process. Username must contain at least 6 characters and cannot contain any spaces or symbols.

Preferred Password  :  




Password must contain at least 6 characters and cannot contain any spaces or symbols.  

Subscription Information

Select Payment Mode  :  Cash / Bank In through ATM Select Cash Transfer if you want to pay via ATM transaction or Counter Deposit. All cash transfer must be made to ONG GUAN LEONG(Quality Performance Resources Sdn Bhd) through our Maybank account no. 1020 5530 5393 ,atau akaun Bumiputra Commerce Bank bernombor 0206-0066232-52-2. No. of student registering for the program :     Select A Student Package :  eExam UPSR 90 Days Subscription (RM30) per studenteExam UPSR 180 Days Subscription (RM55) per studenteExam UPSR 365 Days Subscription (RM100) per studentTotal Cost  : RM  This is the amount payable to us. If you have any doubt about this amount, please call us at (04)423 9197 or 012-557 9197 . 


·                       All fields are compulsary except fields marked with *.

·                       Once chosen, your username cannot be change.

·                       Username and Password must contain at least 6 characters and cannot contain any spaces or symbols.

·                       Phone number is to be entered without any space or dash. Don't forget your area code as well. eg 0121234567

·                       Your e-mail address is required for us to send your child's test results for your information. Please ensure its validity.

·                       Need help filling in the form? Call us at (04)423 9197 if you need any free assistance.

·                       Upon verification of your payment, we will notify you by sms and via e-mail together with your official receipt.

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