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 Training   Quality Management

 Course Title

      "QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLES" (customised program)


  • Quality Control Circles (QCC) comprises of a small group of workers (usually from the same work area) who do similar work and meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work related problems in their own work area.

Top Management  Awareness ( RM3500 per Day)


  • The QCC concept, philosophy and objective.
  •  Organizational structures required for successful QCC implementation.
  • Management role in introducing and sustaining QCC activities.
  • Tools and Techniques of QCC activities.
  • Foundation for a successful QCC programme.
  • Questions and Answers.

Training for Facilitators. (RM 3500 per Day)


  • The QCC concept, philosophy and objectives.
  • Role and responsibilities of a facilitators.
  • Problem-solving techniques in QCC.
  • Basic QCC tools – Its approach and techniques.
  • QCC project work and presentation – an overview.

Training for QCC Leaders (RM3500 per Day)


  • The QCC concepts, objectives and philosophy.
  • Leadership and human relation in QCC.
  • QCC techniques & tools and their application in problem solving.
  • Handling QCC meeting.
  • Presentation skills.
  • QCC project work & presentation.

QCC Tools And Techniques (RM3500 per Day)


  • The PDCA cycle.
  • Problem statement.
  • Data collection.
  • Stratification
  • Pareto Diagram.
  • Cause & Effect Diagram.
  • Graph & Chart.
  • Histogram.

Medium of Instruction

  • English / Bahasa Malaysia

Consultancy Fee

  • RM3500 per Day/Module

Retail Price : MYR 3500.00
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