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Paylink Solutions is a company that provides financial solutions and services for eCommerce and supply chain industry, in particular transaction settlement, logistics and cashless payment.

Our business began in Taiwan in 1998 and, with our innovative merchant acquisition model, we have successfully grown to become the largest third party payment gateway operator there. Handling more than NT$4.5 billions per year with more than 8,000 merchants and millions of consumers, brand names like eBay and MaryKay, Malboro and Mitsubishi, Kagome and Herbalife, just to name a few, place their trust in us and use our solutions and services.

We are currently expanding to ASEAN region. With Malaysia's business friendly infrastructure and an environment similar to Taiwan in many ways, we chose Malaysia first to invest as the focal point of our expansion in South East Asia and beyond. As such we seek a strong and strategic local partner.

Despite our rapid expansion, our risk management model is one of the best in the industry, market tested and proven to enable us to grow without sacrificing risk. In spite of the large transaction volume managed, our fraud rate experienced average between 0.0003% to 0.0006% - the lowest in the industry.

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