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Nazcon Healthcare
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 Company Profile

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Our Company
Nazcon Healthcare was set up in August 2004 at Bangi, Selangor. Kuala Lumpur is 25 km from Bangi. The registration co no is 0001492017-k.

Nazcon Healthcare as a Trading Company to a various healthcare and Beauty products. We have about 30 agents around Malaysia and now we are looking forward to seek an agent around the world to distribute more than 30 international products such as

  1. Slimming Set, - Slimiing Lingerie, Slimming capsule, Trimming Gel,  Slimming Belt.
  2. Healthcare Set - Spirulina, Fiber Drink, Arabica Cofee, Foot Care Sheet, Magnetic Energy Pillow, pure propolis,  and etc.
  3. Beauty Set. - Fragrance, Bust cream, Lifting Smoother serum(skin care), Facial Mask (skin care), Hair Care and etc.

Interesting profit margin.  Be as pioneer in your country.  Let's join us now!. We will provide you a supporting material for promotion activities such as posters, catalog and sample for free.

Now we are looking forward to export Nazcon healthcare products. We looking for a partnership from other country to introduce NH products. No minimum requirement and high profit margin for NH agent. We also will offer more discounts depending on volumes ordered. Our products are high quality products and our customers are very satisfied and be our regular customer. The products have recognition from International quality such as GMP standard and ISO standards  for our Supplementary Food & Drinks Set  and water filter meets US FDA recognization.

Come Join Us as International Agents for your country.  Be as pioneer.  Registration Fee only USD200, we will courier to your door the Business Package including catalogs, sample of products, posters, Banner, Authorisation Letter as International Agent, Agent's Code, Price List and of course free freight charges (For registration as International Agents only). We also welcome you to be our business partner. No minimum requirement for first purchase. We will support you for promotional activities for our products to your country. We will offer more discounts depending to volume order.
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