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Balsem Dewi Tunjong DT-3 (20gm
To relieve muscles and joint pain due to sprain and cramps. For external use only. Quality guaranteed.
Jamu Kenasih SH-3 (240 pills)
Jamu Kenasih SH-3 (240 pills) an herbal preparation for married women Used traditionally by married women and those who have given birth to enhance bo...
Jamu Mayang SH-6 (240 pills)
Jamu Mayang SH-6 (240 pills) for pimple breakouts traditionally used to alleviate the problem of acne. 
Jamu Pembayun SH-1 (240 pills)
To help firm and tone breasts traditionally used by women to help in toning and firming breasts.
Jamu Sari Murni SH-4 (240 pills)
An herbal preparation for ladies traditionally used to reduce vaginal white discharge and vaginal itchiness.
Jamu Sari Ratus SH-2 (240 pills)
For women above 30 traditionally used to promote and enhance energy so that the body and complexion remain radiant, fresh and healthy. Suitable for th...
Jamu Satria SH-5 (240 pills)
An herbal preparation for men traditionally used to enhance vitality while strengthening the back muscles.
Jamu Selangsing SH-7 (240 pills)
To promote weight loss traditionally used by both sexes to promote weight loss. To hasten the slimming process, always maintain a healthy diet and exe...
LULUR SOAP SH-11 (80g)
An herbal exfoliation scrub for clear and lighter skin specially formulated from natural herbal resources without artificial coloring or chemicals. Us...
SOD Tea SDD-1 (Cedarerg SDD Tea)
SOD Tea SDD-1 (Cedar erg SDD Tea) let’s drink to youth and health Revel’s Cedarberg SOD Tea is a nutritious health drink and a thirst quen...
 Showing 1 - 10 of 10
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